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September 22, 2013
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Mr Sensible

Mr Sensible likes his coffee flat and dark, the same tongue-searing temperature every single morning. He gets up before the birds do to have his shower, and thus always smells of a mix between roasted coffee beans and that strange almond stuff he uses for his hair. He is clean shaven, and his hair doesn't flop down over his face. He looks his age and acts his age.

When you first meet him, you don't like Mr. Sensible much. But he can carry good conversation and he admits he has a smile he saves just for you. He never has to chase you because unlike most men he can keep up. You go out together without the company of others as friends at first. He shows no romantic interest in you for ages, until one day someone tries to ask you out and he slips his warm hand into yours.

Mr Sensible always has time for everything because he's always a little bit early. He has time to zip up your dress and compliment you on your looks. He doesn't shower you with affection because he knows it sickens you a little, but he makes up for it by being there. He has time to help you look for your earrings, and yes he does do back massages—they are divine.

Mr. Sensible weighs his decisions and draws upon past experience to assure himself of the best outcome. He's analytic, but not obsessively so, which is a really good thing because sometimes it gets on your nerves. He always looks ahead and plans like there's no tomorrow—except that there is—and he's planning for it anyway. He plans your future together even though it scares him a little, because he wants what he wants, and what he wants is you.

Mr. Sensible can choose his own clothes and tie his own tie. But sometimes, because he knows it means something to you, he lets you choose. And he doesn't think twice about it. He wears the awful salmon-pink shirt you pick out for him along with a clashing orange tie, which he lets you tie around him even though you really haven't a clue how. He goes the whole day like that with a smile on his face. And you know his friends have laughed at him today because one of them texts you a photo of him grinning in his gaudy attire, but he says he doesn't care; he likes showing off the fact that he has someone like you to dress him.

Mr. Sensible is as his name suggests; sensible, though he doesn't mind being a little silly for you.

Mr. Absurd

Mr. Absurd has tried several times to beat his caffeine addiction to no avail. You have never known him without coffee on his breath. He has a bit of stubble that feels sort of nice to run your fingers over, and he is constantly pushing his hair out of his face. He doesn't like waking up in the morning but he knows he has to, so he sets multiple alarms all around his house therefore he has to get up to turn them off. It actually works though; he's only ever late every four days or so. Mr. Absurd knows age isn't just a number; it's a word as well.

When you first meet him, you don't like Mr. Absurd much. You can banter about nothing with him for hours on end and it really annoys you because he's so distracting. He chases you relentlessly and often declares he will do something ridiculous to embarrass the both of you unless you go on a date with him. You finally agree to one date in order to stop him from getting up on a table and serenading you in his underwear.

Mr. Absurd catches you up in his own special pace and even though it seems as if he never has the time, he has a talent for conjuring it out of thin air. If you need him he will make room for you—make time for you—no matter what. He doesn't mind if it's the middle of the night and you need to chat about the validity of shoelaces when in fact buckles work so much better. It's alright with him if you call at random hours of the day (not that you do), because that's what he does; he calls you at lunch to tell you what he's eating or a thought he had, just to hear your voice.

Mr. Absurd makes his choices depending on what he can taste in his mouth. If it's something sour it means 'no', sweet is 'yes', bitter is 'sleep on it', and spicy is 'eat on it'. You find it amusing, but it worries you since he's only ever got the bitter taste of coffee in his mouth. And sometimes he gets this faraway look in his eyes, not like he's contemplating the future, but as if he can see it and it doesn't scare him at all.

He never wavers from anything he sets his mind on, and now it seems instead he's set his heart on you. Despite his ridiculous free spirit Mr. Absurd is secretly self-conscious. He's always been too much. Too eager, too naive, too giving, too; yes, absurd. He has never been able to find it in himself to give anyone everything even with his... muchness. But he is willing to give it to you. He knows when to stop joking, to look at you without laughter in his eyes but rather a silent promise, he knows when you need him slow down and to match your own pace for once, and he knows that sometimes absurdity just isn't enough.


Mr Absurd is serious about two things. Firstly, beating his caffeine addiction, and secondly, you.  

Who's your favourite?


Edit: 11:15pm AEST 27/10/2013

I'm so lucky and so thankful that I got a DD. This is my first time getting anything like it, so I haven't even ever gotten a DLD. Hope people enjoy the read. :heart:
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KagamineLenFangirl Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Student
Both. I love both. I'm sorry.
JoshuaPatrickLee Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
That was great to read. Enjoyed Mr Sensible and Mr Absurd. I can't decide which I like more. Good work :) 
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Congrats on the DD! I really liked how you did such an awesome job at establishing both of their very (different) personalities.I lied Mr. Sensible because the part with the tie and the mismatched clothes just won me over, completely. He just seemed more like a person flawed and all. Definitely a fun read! 
OddSmirk Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:D thank you so much :heart:
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OddSmirk Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! :la:
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It would be like... choosing which child you love best. There's definitely an answer (because there always is) I just can't say it yet. He isn't even posted here so you wouldn't get it anyway :heart:

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